young-steveSteve Williams is a 22 year veteran of the Fire Service in the Atlanta area, and is currently assigned to an ALS engine in S.Atlanta and a Paramedic of 18 yrs. Steve is a family man with a wife and two children, and a member of Antioch Christian Church.  On his off time Steve loves the outdoors and hunting.

AWOGS was born on Dec, 4 1999 the day after the Worchester 6 died while battling a blaze in an vacant cold storage warehouse.  While on duty at the firehouse the next day Steve laid in the bunk room late that night thinking that the deaths of those 6 brave FF’s didn’t have to happen. The next day Steve had his first idea of using photo-luminescent signage that would be placed inside large commercial structures which would allow FF’s to be tracked from the fire ground by the IC., using pre-plans with the numbered luminescent signage marked on it. It took years of testing and working through all the scenarios, and problems to finally get that done. Then using the technology and materials for the signage, Steve naturally went to the personal FF’s PPE and started to improve on that as well.